88898383 - LTI Riparian and Other Water Issues in Title
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3 credit


Tidelands or Riparian lands refers to lands flowed by the tide (and sometimes includes lands formerly flowed by the tide). The State of New Jersey holds title in fee simple to all lands currently or formerly flowed by the tide, unless it has already conveyed its ownership.

Tidelands claims in New Jersey are found in all counties except Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex and Morris

In this course we will cover:

  • Historical Overview
  • Division of Land Use Regulation
  • The Tidelands Act
  • Coastal Permitting
  • Bureau of Tidelands Management
  • Requesting a Permit
  • A Statement of No Interest
  • Other Underwriting Issues
Riparian and Other Water Issues in Title
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Riparian and Other Water Issues in Title

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